Location, location, location

32MKT is a creative agency HQ'd in Tijuana, Mexico. We're named after the 32nd parallel north: a latitude that represents the melting pot of old & new, tech & arts, and English & Spanish that influences our work. Even our name is a mixture of numbers & letters!

We don't have values...

We don't believe in empty words; we believe in removing the unessential. That's why we don't have values. We have A SINGLE VALUE: Quality. Quality in how we work and how we treat our clients.

We go where you go

Our mission is to turn a profit for ourselves, our clients and our allies out of what we love. We love telling good stories with a client-based strategy. Your goals are our goals.


Logo design

First-class logos are one-second speeches. An effective logo only comes from close listening and a wide view of the problem. We dig deep into our client’s business model and environment to tell a compelling story.


70% of your brand’s message is visual. Make sure to make it count with a relevant message. From stationery to vehicle signage, to Web content, your visual identity will form a coherent storytelling to attract customers.


Catch your customer’s eye, heart and mind. New technologies have opened communication channels for everyone, which means you must be able to tell a really good story to stand out.


The thing about imaginary circles of latitude is that they aren’t just a spot on a map but they literally go around the globe, pretty much like our work.

Hiring an agency from Tijuana, Baja California means you get more than unbeatable prices. You get a worldwide influence of culture, tech, arts, ideas and languages. You get a meeting point between old and new, north and south, ideas and emotions. You get creative on a budget.

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  • Salvador Valera
    Salvador Valera

    Director and partner at 32MKT. He builds unique storytelling teams of talented people and feels fortunate to work in what he loves. For him, quality means removing the unessential.

  • Ariosto Manrique
    Ariosto Manrique

    Partner at 32MKT. His job is to articulate marketing strategies for our clients. He’s passionate about growing alongside entrepreneurs. For him, quality means doing things extraordinarily well.

  • Luis F. Jiménez
    Luis F. Jiménez

    He leads the digital area of our agency. As an analytical problem solver, he’s always asking the hard questions. His definition of quality? Doing things well from the beginning.

  • Adrián Corona
    Adrián Corona

    He’s a graphic designer with a love for music, branding and advertising. He’s always willing to work in team with people who want to improve. He thinks that if you have to ask if something is good, it probably isn’t.

  • Ivannia Arellano
    Ivannia Arellano

    A creative person who likes team work and is passionate about learning new things. She is always giving her 100 percent. For Ivannia, quality means originality and effectiveness at work.


    • Viviana Juárez
      Viviana Juárez

      She’s a tireless fighter for of our client’s causes and fulfills the vital task of being office administrator. (Did we mention she’s the biggest dog fan there can be?)


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